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Barb Jackson, CR

Barb Jackson, CR


As co-founder of Total Contentz, Barb assists disaster restoration professionals, helping them improve their contents processing capabilities with the latest technology and procedures.  She is a leading contents restoration consultant, offering consulting and training services for full-service restorers and specialized cleaning contractors.

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Her particular areas of expertise are contents processing facility design, work flow and production strategies, contents processing procedures on-site and in the warehouse, and contents packing techniques. Her design projects range in size from a 2,000 sq ft facility to an 8,000 sq ft warehouse within a 120,000 sq ft building. Barb was a certified trainer for Assured Software’s POI (Pack Out Inventory) software, and is currently a trainer for Assured Software’s successor program, Assured Packout.

In the Beginning

It all started in 1980 in her hometown of Pittsburgh, PA. Barb saw a need in the rapidly growing residential cleaning arena.  While other services provided a check list of what they would do and NOT do (which certainly did not include cleaning windows) Barb created a niche for her business by asking clients what services they wanted. She provided personalized residential and post-construction cleaning – hence the company name Personal Attention Cleaning Services.  A loyal clientele base was built on consistent results and outstanding customer service.

In 1990, while on a cold call to offer office cleaning services to Disaster Restoration company in Bridgeville, PA, the owner offered Barb the opportunity to clean a client’s personal belongings that were smoke damaged.  He had a 5,000 SF storage facility full of furniture and boxed contents which needed to be restored. Barb provided 2 shifts of workers to assist in getting their client’s contents restored and quickly returned.

Barb learned that restoration contractors often have a huge influx of work, and may need to rely on temporary workers who lack the skill and training of a true contents restoration specialist. Extra supervision is needed, taking skilled supervisors from other projects.

Addressing the Need

Recognizing the need for skilled, trained restoration cleaning specialists, Barb quickly seized the opportunity to develop a niche restoration business, Restoration Cleanups. Her employees had the skills and specialized training for restoration cleaning of fire, soot, water and mold damaged structure and contents, providing an important B2B service.

Within 2 months Barb discontinued offering residential cleaning services.  As a specialty service provider, Restoration CleanUps offered specialized fire, smoke and water damage restoration cleaning services to full-service contractors in the Pittsburgh and tri-state area, working with over 30 firms.

She has developed an operating model for her company which implements standards and procedures – Total Systems Approach, to manage the varied challenges of restoration cleaning and pack out situations.

Total Contentz – the Culmination of Her Experience

Once again identifying a unique niche in 2003, Barb and Tim, her business partner and husband, developed Total Contentz, and quickly became the leading contents restoration consultants in the industry.  They share their knowledge and experience by providing training and consulting to disaster restoration companies, guiding the development of their contents restoration systems and procedures, facility designs and set-ups.

In association with the Restoration Industry Association (RIA), Barb helped develop the Certified Restorer pre-requisite “Contents Restoration: Process and Handling Course”. Barb holds several certifications, including CR #546 (Certified Restorer).

Total Contentz has served over 1,000 clients in Australia, Canada, Japan and the United States.

Tim Jackson

Tim Jackson


Tim Jackson, is co-owner and co-founder of Total Contentz, and an internationally recognized contents restoration consultant. He had more than 16 years of experience in the restoration industry prior to founding Total Contentz with his wife, Barb. As co-owner of Restoration CleanUps, he served as Production Manager of restoration cleaning projects for …

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… 13 years in the Pittsburgh, PA area. Projects included thousands of restoration cleaning and pack outs, new installations at the Carnegie Museum of Art, a large document restoration project at Magee Women’s Hospital along with many commercial restoration jobs.

Tim is certified in Water Damage Restoration through the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC), aka The Clean Trust.

As co-owner of Total Contentz, Tim provides contents restoration consulting, warehouse design services, project management, training for full-service restorers, specialized cleaning contractors, and restoration cleaning specialists.

A Registered Master Plumber and owner of Jackson Plumbing since 1980, Tim brings his valuable construction related knowledge to his contents restoration consulting practice. With over 1,000 clients worldwide, Tim has been called to assist customers in Australia, Japan and throughout the United States and Canada.

Steven LaVelle

Steven LaVelle

Management & Relationship Consultant

The former president of the IACT (International Association of Counselors and Therapists), Steven has personally trained over 10,000 professional men and women to use the art and science of persuasion and influence as part of their work.

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You may have seen him on the national television programs, Connie Chung’s Eye to Eye and The Joan River’s Show or heard him on dozens of radio shows across America. He is a former instructor for the California State University at Fresno campus and a motivational speaker/seminar leader, having appeared at Stanford University, Berkeley, Lockheed Aerospace LERA group, CSUF, hospitals and at over 1000 public, corporate and private lectures, seminars and courses.

His persuasion strategies and sales techniques including psychoneurogenics (PNG) and “One Sentence Selling Methods” have made him a popular lecturer for over 20 years. Chief Editor for Unlimited Human Magazine for six years, he shared the cover with such notables as Anthony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Dr. Deepak Chopra and many others who have changed the way Americans think, act and are influenced.

He now makes his home in Florida and when not traveling, spends much of his spare time writing. He has authored numerous books and courses. Over a quarter of a million of his audio programs have been sold nationally and internationally. He was asked to represent the United States as Citizen Ambassador to China by the People to People Project and lectured for physicians, counselors and therapists in Beijing, Xian and Shanghai. In January of 1999 he was invited by Nav Nirmaan to teach in Mumbai (Bombay) India.

He is co-author of, “Master the Clutter,” with Ron Alford and Melissa Pusateri of Disaster Masters in New York. His most recent work, a retelling of Van Ransellaer Dey’s, motivational tale, The Magic Story, is on the market now, published by DeVorss, and he is in the process of completing three new works-in-progress (one of which is with the editors now), all of which are designed to teach the readers how to persuade, sell and increase profits in an ethical and productive manner.

With Phil McLaughlin, he acted as editor and interviewer for the new book, “Insider Secrets For a Successful Restoration Business.” You can learn more about this book and the 38 contributors at: http://www.therestorationmaster.com/

Along with Total Contentz’ own Tim Jackson, Steven is co-author of the book 197 Ways to Persuade Adjusters, Agents, Home Owners, End Users and Others to Give You the Job!